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Just in Time (JIT)

Just in Time (JIT)

Just in Time (JIT)

Juste à Temps

É um dos dois pilares do Sistema de Produção Toyota, sendo o outro pilar o Jidoka. Por vezes o JIT é confundido com o próprio sistema. Significa fornecer ao cliente o produto correcto, no momento certo e na quantidade requerida. O JIT baseia-se no nivelamento da produção, no takt, no fluxo unitário e na produção pull flow.

It is one of the two pillars of the Toyota Production System, with which it is often confused, the other pillar being Jidoka. It means providing the customer the right product, in the right quantity and on time. JIT is based on production levelling, takt time, one-piece flow and pull production.

Es uno de los dos pilares del Sistema de Producción Toyota, siendo el otro pilar el Jidoka. A veces, el JIT es confundido con el propio sistema. Significa proporcionar al cliente el producto correcto, en el momento preciso y en la cantidad requerida. El JIT se basa en el nivelado de la producción, en el Takt, en el flujo unitario y en la producción Pull Flow. In the Toyota Production System, it designates a shopfloor standard management tool, used for performing checks or audits at the gemba. This tool consists of a panel and a set of cards which are in fact checklists to be used on a given area or work station. Each card is removed from the panel by the supervisor randomly or according to a schedule. The checking (about standardized work, 5S, safety, TPM, etc.) described in the card is then carried out, after which the card is put back in the panel in a way that shows whether or not an abnormality was detected. Kamishibai helps to ensure, in a visual way, that the checks are actually performed at the gemba and that the necessary actions are taken.

C’est l'un des deux piliers du système de production Toyota, l'autre étant le Jidoka. Parfois, le JAT est confondu avec le système lui-même. Juste à Temps signifie fournir au client le bon produit, au bon moment et dans la quantité requise. Le JAT se base sur le nivellement de la production, le takt, le flux unitaire et le flux tiré la production.

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